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Square One Condos in Mississauga

Square One Condos

Search for Square One in Condos for Sale , If You are  Looking for a condo for sale We've got plenty of places that you can call home - Sell, Buy, Lease, Rent a condo in the heart of Mississauga   

5 Tips for Condo Buyers in Mississauga

Buying a condo in Mississauga can provide a host of benefits, particularly for buyers who are looking for the opportunity to be close to amenities and avoid intensive upkeep in a home. Still, when the time comes to buy a condo, it is important to conduct due diligence to ensure you do not have to endure a case of buyer's remorse later. When buying a condo, it is important to keep in mind that the process is not quite the same as buying a single-family residence. Consequently, there are different concerns and considerations.

What are the Fees Involved?

Among the first things to consider are the fees associated with the condo you are considering purchasing. Fees are typically levied by the condo association in most buildings. Those fees are used to pay for expenses such as repairs and insurance. Understanding the amount of the fees as well as what they are applied toward is important when buying a condo in Mississauga.

What are the Rules?

In addition, you need to consider the rules that apply to the condo you are considering purchasing. For instance, are pets allowed? If you wish to rent out your unit in the future, will you be allowed to do so? Do certain rules apply to shared facilities, such as the swimming pool? Visitor parking is also important to note since most Mississauga condos allow for a certain number of overnight visitors in the building per month.

Understand Maintenance

When reviewing Mississauga condos for sale, it is also important to develop an understanding of how maintenance is handled. For example, does the condo association hire someone to handle it or are the tenants expected to help with upkeep? This is an important issue to consider as maintenance can affect quality of living as well as the resale value of your unit. You also have to see what is included in the maintenance fees, some square one condos for sale do not include hydro and water so its important to keep that in mind when calculating the budget.

What is the Culture of the Building?

When you are considering purchasing a unit in a building where multiple other people live, it is important to understand what you can expect from the neighborhood, so to speak. One way to do that is to review the condo association meeting minutes or talk to people that already live on the building. In addition to gaining an understanding of whether the condo is primarily owner or tenant occupied is also important. Usually when the majority of residents are owners of the units they tend to take better care of their space as well as the building.

Shop Till you Drop

Buying a condo is a big commitment and it is a process that should end with you finding a unit you will love to call home. Be prepared to view a variety of different styles and options.


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